FoxOne Special Missions
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FoxOne Advanced Edition
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FoxOne Advanced Edition is now available for iPhone / iPad compatible devices, click in the image below:



FoxOne Advanced Edition
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FoxOne Advanced Edition,
containing many improvements requested by the players, has just been released for Android devices. Click on the image below to access the Google Play store:

Versions iPhone / iPad and Amazon of the Advanced Edition will be available in the next days!


FoxOne has just been released for Microsoft Windows Phone! Click in the button below:



It´s oficial! FoxOne has been released for iOS and Android devices! Download it from the respective buttons below:

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From Indie Retro News: FoxOne - Intense Brazilian indie flight sim for Android, iOS due Q3/2014.


Article in the brazilian site  FinalBoss were our game was featured in the Indies of the Week: "Fox One promises to fly very high in the mobiles".


FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil, 08/07/2014 - Independent game developer Skyfox Games announced their first action-packed arcade air combat title, Fox One, which is inbound for landing in the Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store in the third quarter of this year. Originally thought as a PC-only action-oriented flight sim, Fox One had its market strategy changed towards mobile gaming, and has been extensively optimized and reworked during the last year, to adapt for release simultaneously on the iOS and Android platforms. The two leading mobile platforms provides to SkyFox Games the ideal environment to polish its flagship product and experiment their gameplay concepts, giving it the chance to grow and to build a user base.

Rafael Rangel, Producer: "For a small, indie team located in South America, the mobile platforms are the perfect opportunity to enter the global market and start a presence. We're confident that the quality of our first product, Fox One, is of such a high standard, and is so well adapted and optimised for our target platforms, that we'll succeed in building the required user base as well as providing an interesting new addition to the collection of any mobile gaming enthusiast."

Fox One puts the player in the role of a pilot flying for a secret mercenary squadron composed of pilots from several air forces from around the world. It follows a non-linear gameplay path where the player can chose the mission location in the world map, resulting in extremely varied gameplay situations, such as ground attack, escort friendly aircraft, defend key positions such as large cities and military bases, and good old aerial combat or "dogfighting". It also results in a number of vastly varied locations, like glaciers, oceans, deserts and forests. On top of all this, as a mercenary pilot the player has to manage his weapons, buying new ones and also earning money to buy newer and better aircraft as he progresses in the game. It features 10 combat jets based on real ones, and 15 exciting missions around the globe.
For more information on Fox One, please visit www.facebook.com/foxonegame or  www.foxonegame.com.  
For up-to-date news, fans can also follow the team at www.twitter.com/foxonegame.

About SkyFox Games Ltd

SkyFox Games is a new indie developer located in the sunny Florianopolis city, South of Brazil, and is composed of 3 veterans in the IT industry: Lucas Bergmann, Rafael Rangel and Dante De Patta.  Lucas Bergmann acquired impressive programming experience and skills working in large educational projects using cutting edge gaming technology, such as a Physical therapy simulation using the Microsoft Kinect, and a realistic driving simulator, with integrated steering wheel and force feedback, for the brazilian government initiative which was to make simulations a requirement in all driving schools around the country. Dante joined Lucas in these same projects as the graphic artist, interface designer and 3D animator. He also has plenty of experience working in the movies industry and TV documentaries, with well known brands such as The History Channel in his portfolio. Rafael Rangel is an entrepreneur who has several well succeed business, most notably Transmedia Television, a company which provides high-end television programming schedule database software, info channels and related services to television networks around the country.

Release Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFnifvFmtD8

contact email: foxonegame@gmail.com

Press Release in PDF format here.
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